5 Factors To Determine The Appropriate Level Of Interactivity

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We all know that interaction increases learner engagement. But how do you decide which types of interactions to use and when to use them? In this article, we cover 5 factors that will help determine the best ways to use interactivity to keep your learners engaged and to reach your development goals.

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This client was looking to eliminate injuries and environmental accidents by providing an advanced level of safety training for their employees on the Lockout, Tagout process.

Safety is the key.  We needed to create a solution that saved lives and provided a higher level of protection for the environment.

Developed an easy to use, easy to manage, Augmented Reality product visualization and validation tool. This step-by-step program removes all guesswork for the operator, ensuring proper processes and procedures are followed explicitly. The Validation Tool provides a digital paper trail for management and legal.