AS/400 and Call Center Training Experts

We believe the skill sets of the data entry and customer service specialists at your company are as unique and valuable as the technology behind them.

At Inno-Versity, we are learning experts in AS/400 and call center training.

The AS/400 (IBM iSeries, AS/400e, eServer iSeries/400) is a powerful, reliable performance tool uniquely customized for each organization. How each company enters data and accesses screens will differ based on the business software that is running. And because each AS/400 system varies, an out-of-the-box training program for this tool doesn’t exist.

Inno-Versity experts can provide powerful training solutions. We have extensive experience assisting organizations in teaching team members how to operate their AS/400 system. And we’ve discovered ways to streamline the learning curve and deliver custom, branded eLearning. In our experience, this can save organizations hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.

IV as400.png

We believe your people are your greatest asset.

Using our proven Inno-Versity Operating System (IOS), we work with you to develop AS/400 training that seamlessly integrates with your call center training. This enables your staff to combine their unique and valuable skill sets with an expertise in company technology to effectively handle whatever comes their way.

In a world in which turnover is high, products change and customer expectations grow, companies that effectively develop their employees will prosper. Our in-house team of 31 talented and experienced instructional designers, artists, creative professionals and learning experts understand the unique learning challenges facing your industry.

We help people learn.

We look forward to customizing a learning solution to meet your organization’s unique learning needs.

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