Inno-Versity Success Story: David Marquet

Our Client’s Dilemma

Captain David Marquet served in the U.S. Navy as a submarine captain. He had already achieved great success overseeing the nuclear submarine USS Santa Fe, using a unique leadership approach in which he allowed his crew to take on their own leadership roles. He took these principles and wrote a best-selling book, Turn This Ship Around!  Published in 2012, it advises leaders of all types of organizations how to lead in a way that allows those around them to contribute their full intellectual capacity every day.

Despite this success, David envisioned a career where he could command a stage. He hoped to speak to large groups of management teams on improving leadership and building an empowering work environment. But he needed to expand his audience and attracting one proved to be a challenge.  

Providing the Answer

Inno-Versity had the perfect solution.  We pulled core concepts from David’s material, condensing it to just under 10 minutes.  An incredible animation was custom-designed by our talented team, highlighting David’s central points. David has garnered over half-a-million YouTube hits and his feedback has been incredible.

The Gained Advantage   

For David, this animation was just the tool that he needed to successfully launch a speaking career.  He had a great message and a well-written book.  But with an incredibly engaging animation keeping viewers’ eyes and ears involved, he has been able to deliver his message globally without leaving the comfort of his own home.  

That doesn’t mean you will find him there. With his book sitting on top of Amazon’s bestseller list and his animation blowing up, he has speaking engagements booked all over the world. Find out how Inno-Versity can help create another success story for your business.

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