Larketing (Whiteboard Animation) as Part of a Training Program

Getting the proper message across is key for any business, yet something numerous companies struggle to effectively do. For this reason, many organizations now turn to a company specializing in whiteboard animation to assist them with this task.

With the help of corporate video production, companies find they can convey a message, regardless of how many layers of communication are needed. The appropriate audio and visual are added with the help of this production company to ensure the message is correctly understood by the target audience. Whether stop motion animation is needed, an explainer video is desired or a story is to be shared, the right video can achieve this goal easily.

Certain online certificate courses meet the needs of numerous organizations, allowing them to take advantage of videos immediately. With a variety of courses to select from and a learning management system in place, companies may begin sharing information on project management, sales, time management, safety and more. Topics covered in these videos include sales knowledge and market research, methods and motions and project management traits.

For those companies unable to find a training course that meets their needs, a custom course may be developed. Each course is designed to meet the unique needs of the client, as some organizations can get their message across with only ten slides, yet others need 100 slides or more. The entire course is created for the specific company in this situation, rather than an existing video being used with the logo and colors of the organization added in. Courses of this type are generally only needed with an existing course cannot be used or when an area of training that is unique to the organization needs this type of support.

Online training has moved the workforce further than anyone could have possibly imagined. Research shows that companies save anywhere from 50 to 70 percent on their training costs when they make the move from training led by an instructor to eLearning, and these courses tend to be shorter, yet produce faster results. Productivity increases significantly, employee engagement goes up and more. It’s time to look into eLearning to see how it can be of benefit to any organization, large or small.

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