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If you’re one of our returning subscribers, we want to take a minute to say thank you! And if you’re new to our blog―welcome! We’re so pleased that you’ve joined us. To help us get better acquainted, allow us to formally introduce ourselves: We’re Inno-Versity. The Learning Experts. That’s more than just a tagline in our signature block, it’s who we are and what we do.

An instructional design company? Yes, but if you dig just a little deeper into that description, you’ll uncover some incredibly rich layers to Inno-Versity that most other instructional design companies just can’t dish out. We’ve assembled one of the largest ID teams in the country, and our services encompass the whole learning process, not just the creation of eLearning training modules.

Don’t get us wrong, at Inno-Versity, we happen to create some fantastic eLearning modules. But they’re just one of the many utensils we supply in our learning silverware drawer. And before we set the table, we ensure the learner’s success in each custom-built package. How? By carefully applying the following 5 Essential Elements of Excellence, our signature ingredients, to your learning solution:

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Strategic Planning: A Farm Fresh Look Let’s start at the beginning, when the whole project is taking shape and gain a fresh perspective. This component is key to the success of the project, and Inno-Versity experts offer valuable guidance in this phase. But before we create answers, we begin by asking some critical questions: What is your culture of learning? Is it integrated into your development plan? How do you build excitement around the learning program? In outlining these topics, future needs are considered and proactively solved. As important as it is to blueprint the big picture we also place a big emphasis on the small stuff, which creates a great first impression on roll-out day. Do the tables need to be arranged in rows or a circle? Are all the necessary materials in place? Is there employee recognition for learning that has been mastered? Are feedback requests made on materials and revisions updated as needed? From beginning to end, our learners should feel like a welcomed guest.

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Learning: Easy as Pie Learning and training–don’t see the difference? That’s a little like comparing apples to a whole delicious pie, so let’s take a minute to differentiate between the two. Training is generally what you receive to perform a certain task, perceived as instructor driven and relating to a job. It promotes a uniform and standardized system. And learning? That’s a light bulb moment when information nestles into the brain and becomes knowledge that the learner possesses and can apply in outside-the-box situations. Learning allows for creativity and understanding that’s required to solve new and challenging issues. Learning can happen in 100’s of different ways and training is just a small part of that.  We typically refer to what we create as learning experiences which allow for all those ways. Whether eLearning, ILT, blended, or micro-learning bursts, the team at Inno-Versity has a strong background in learning theory and education. Deep-rooted in research and theories, strategies and techniques, all you need to know is that we completely understand the learning process.

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Communication: Bubbling Over the Edges What do you communicate to team members with well-thought-out, engaging learning opportunities? That they are valued. We take the time to learn about your learner and create a program that will best suit their needs. And then watch the mindset change from a “have to” to a “get to” attitude when it comes to learning. By building excitement (we can show you how!), the juices really start to flow. Companies gain engaged team members that take ownership of their learning before they even begin. And once they start, a communication plan should be developed so it’s clear to participants the path for enrollment, participation and evaluation.

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Project Management: Move Over Martha Stewart Weaving seamlessly through each project are a Learning Project Specialist, Instructional Designers, and Creative Specialists partnered with your top subject-matter expert. Our detailed and proven process flow is established from the beginning of each project with a New Project Needs Analysis built around the five elements discussed here. Our process includes multiple sign-offs at various stages, as well as timelines and checklists for those subject-matter experts. Our Learning Project Specialist manages these checkpoints to help keep projects on time and within budget. We can throw a lot of technical terms around like agile and iterative development but what you really need to know is that we spend a lot of thoughtful time creating the exact recipe up-front in order to cook up for you exactly what you need, and yes, it’s definitely a good thing.

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Design: A la Mode! When it comes to design, maybe you’re thinking the perfect accompaniment to a bright color combination is a stylish pattern. Before we scoop into these, there are other things to consider. Desktop or mobile access: Inno-Versity can design around the technology that best suits your learner. Branding is bigger than ever and we not only capture company brands, but in some cases, we help to set and guide overall company brand standards. For materials that live beyond the life of the training experience (custom-made infographics, animations, job aids, etc.), we design content that is memorable and engaging, yet practical and useful. And yes, all with the perfect color combination and pattern.

Want to know more? In the next five weeks, we’ll highlight each one of these elements, delve into a deeper explanation of how we use them and share some case studies of companies that we have worked alongside to create excellence in learning experiences.  To all of our loyal subscribers and those that are brand new, we’re so glad that you could spend a few minutes getting to know us a little better. If you’re in our neighborhood, stop on by. There’s a great café around the corner where we can chat about your learning needs and share a big slice of pie.  A la mode, of course!

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