Will it blend?

As you saw in our previous post, instructional design can take many forms.  Even the field of instructional design contains many types of specialties. In future blog posts, we’ll be discussing the various approaches we take depending on the context and content.

However, over the past year, we had the privilege of developing an online professional development course for teachers focused on blended learning.  This type of course is something we have a lot of experience creating and enjoy so much.  It wasn’t our first and we hope not our last. We also function uniquely with this type of topic in that we serve as the subject-matter expert (SME), instructional designer and then we often facilitate these courses.  Becci Zwiers was our resident expert for this particular course.  If you’d like to see more about this course, click below.

While we can’t offer you the entire course, we do offer this one-hour webinar that covers some of the basic building blocks to think about when building a blended course.  We delivered this for Christian Schools International. Happy Viewing!


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