Inno-Versity: A Top-10 Learning Company

Grand Rapids, Michigan – October 15, 2018 – Inno-Versity, a leading learning agency specializing in custom eLearning development, has been recognized by eLearning Industry as one of ten showcased companies that develop high value eLearning content.

The 10 High Value eLearning Content Development Companies were distinguished as having “outstanding potential in the highly competitive eLearning market,” and were judged on the following criteria:

  • eLearning Content Development Quality.
  • eLearning Expertise.
  • eLearning Industry Innovation.
  • Customer Reviews.
  • eLearning Company’s Economical Growth Potential.
  • Customer Retention.
  • Employee Turnover.
  • Company’s Social Responsibility.

“These corporations provide high-quality, innovating, and immersive eLearning solutions,” said Christopher Pappas, founder of eLearning Industry. This year, 2018, marks the second year that eLearning Industry has included this curated list of high-potential companies in their annual awards.

“We are deeply honored to be named as an industry leader in the eLearning space,” said Inno-Versity Chief Relationship Officer, James Zandstra, about the achievement. “We strive to ensure that our work always reflects our mission to help people learn and grow by providing effective, timely, and creative eLearning solutions custom-made for our clients. To have that work commended by such a respected voice in the community as eLearning Industry validates our efforts, and we will continue to help our customers succeed with custom eLearning done quickly and well.”

About Inno-Versity

Inno-Versity is a learning agency committed to helping people learn. Based in the United States, the in-house team of over 40 learning professionals helps companies to remove the complexity from critical eLearning development projects. Their commitment to client success is reflected in the passion and creativity that the employees bring to each project, no matter how formidable the size or deadline.

In addition to eLearning content development, Inno-Versity also applies extensive expertise to a complete range of learning services, including instructional design and learning consulting.

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