Clearing Creative Hurdles

Season 1 Episode 25

Today Martha Lanaghen joins us to share ways to Clear Creative Hurdles. This isn’t just the traditional writer’s block conversation. In our world, there are all kinds of creative roles from choosing learning strategies, to design, to writing and beyond. 

Join us to discover: 

  • What’s the difference between being stuck vs stumped?
  •  How to ask juicy questions?
  •  7 fun and interesting ways to jump-start creativity no matter your role. 

Make sure to download the handout Martha graciously provided as a reference.

Martha Lanaghen is an experienced operations executive accustomed to rapid-change, high-growth environments. She is successful in start-up and turnaround situations. She also has, extensive experience in customer and student lifecycle management (retention, engagement, win-back, and lifecycle experiences). Public speaker. Author.

Martha Lanaghen can be found on LinkedIn and via email at