3 Pillars That Should Be The Foundation Of Your Learning Objectives


Almost every learning leader has struggled to develop clear, achievable, and definitive learning objectives. MindSpring has helped corporate, non-profits, and higher education clients around the world to clearly define and achieve their learning goals. We call it the Know/Do/Believe triangle. While there certainly will be crossover, focusing on what you want learners to know, be able to do, or believe at the end of a learning experience will strengthen your learning objectives and help you achieve them.

Know: What should a learner know at the completion of the training? At what level?
Do: What should a learner be able to do at the completion of the training?
Believe: What should the learner value or believe at the end of the training? Why is this important?

During this session, you will learn:

  • The Know/Do/Believe triangle and how it will clarify your learning objectives
  • Where to apply the Know/Do/Believe triangle in your learning development process
  • How the Know/Do/Believe triangle will help you achieve your learning objectives
  • Some examples of large organizations that have used Know/Do/Believe as the core of their learning objectives