3 Pillars That Should Be The Foundation Of Your Learning Objectives

Almost every learning leader has struggled to develop clear, achievable, and definitive learning objectives. MindSpring has helped corporate, non-profits, and higher education clients around the world to clearly define and achieve their learning goals. We call it the Know/Do/Believe triangle. While there certainly will be crossover, focusing on what you want learners to know, be able to do, or believe at the end of a learning experience will strengthen your learning objectives and help you achieve them.

What should a learner know at the completion of the training? At what level?

What should a learner be able to do at the completion of the training?

What should the learner value or believe at the end of the training? Why is this important?

During this session, you will learn:

  • The Know/Do/Believe triangle and how it will clarify your learning objectives
  • Where to apply the Know/Do/Believe triangle in your learning development process
  • How the Know/Do/Believe triangle will help you achieve your learning objectives
  • Some examples of large organizations that have used Know/Do/Believe as the core of their learning objectives