A Journey Through Curriculum Mapping:

A Large Manufacturer Learns to See the Big Picture

Kathryn’s learning team functioned well. They were in the third year of a five-year plan that was clear and had a dedicated budget to accomplish its objectives. The main goal each year was to update 10% of their learning assets and make them available in digital format.

One day, that all changed. Learning has become “mission-critical,” which meant that Kathryn’s team could no longer move along at a scheduled and deliberate pace. They needed to move quickly. The team immediately felt the pressure, as did Kathryn.

Kathryn told her team, “Our company has acquired another company. Leadership was pretty direct that L&D will be out front and a key part of making this work. I haven’t been given budgets yet but I was told we would have what we need within reason. We need to integrate two training systems and we need to make a complete transition to digital learning. And, we need to do it as quickly as possible.”

Everyone in the room realized immediately that the five-year plan was dead. Several learning team members hung their heads but just slightly. After a moment of silence, Alishia, the youngest member of the learning team, spoke first. “So now what?”

That was a great question.

The learning experts at MindSpring will tell this story of how Kathryn and her team accomplished their goals through Curriculum Mapping.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How one large company’s learning team used Curriculum Mapping to increase both speed and quality in the learning experiences they delivered to learners.
  • How to get your learning team aligned to the power of Curriculum Mapping.
  • How to go through a Curriculum Mapping exercise that will bring clarity to your learning projects