Building Incredible Learning Experiences In Extended Reality

Augmented Reality (AR). Virtual Reality (VR). Mixed Reality (MR).

Is using these incredible technologies in learning possible now without breaking your budget? Which reality is the right choice for your learning team and your learners? Can your learning team build them now or will you need to outsource the work to someone else? Do you need expensive software coders to accomplish your goals?

Everyone loves the idea of using immersive technology in learning. Knowing when and how to do that is less clear to most learning leaders. This MindSpring webinar will explore use cases for using Extended Reality (XR) for sales, medical, and manufacturing. We will consider when to use which technology and show examples of effective approaches for incorporating immersive technology into your learning.

MindSpring’s immersive technology empowers learning teams to build in one modality, like Augmented Reality, and then toggle the same learning experience to another modality, like Virtual Reality, without starting from scratch.

We will examine how you can enhance your learning team’s skills in building Extended Reality experiences so that you can scale up your learning experiences and your learning team.

In this session we will:

  • Get clarity on which immersive technology is the right choice for your learning objectives
  • Learn how to quickly upskill your learning team in Extended Reality so you can scale quickly
  • See real-world application of Extended Reality to sales, manufacturing, and medical
  • Learn how to build immersive learning without the need for expensive coders