Data-Driven Decision Making

Using Analytics for L&D ROI

Are you looking to connect learning performance with business outcomes? Not sure how to use data to make decisions about your learning engagements? The task of measuring the impact of your learning investments is often challenging, especially with the perception that data might not be readily available—but that’s not necessarily true. Join us and Mutually Human, a leading digital engineering firm that specializes in data analytics, to explore how simple or in depth it can be to extract quantitative data.

In this webinar session, you will:

  • Overcome the misconception that data may not be available by exploring various data collection methods.
  • Discover tactics to connect learning data with business data and how it can pave ways for new learning initiatives and organizational outcomes.
  • Dive into real-world examples showcasing successful implementations of L&D analytics programs.
  • Learn best practices to store and make data more accessible.
  • How to use data at all levels, from the learner to the business, to make decisions about your current and future learning experiences.

Join us as we uncover how to find the true impact of your learning programs that will empower you, your team, and leaders, to make impactful decisions with data-backed insights that matter. Secure you’re spot today!