Rapid Custom Training Development For Remote Learners

No doubt, the learning needs your workforce faces today are like none you’ve seen before. The world is evolving rapidly. That is, you need to take into consideration your remote learners’ needs. Furthermore, you need to adapt your rapid custom training development approach to these changes in order to achieve successful learning outcomes.

On the other hand, although custom learning has never begged for more rapid development, yet many companies and higher education institutions face preparation paralysis. Consequently, you need to find ways to overcome these challenges. So, what is the best approach for rapid custom training development?

If this sounds interesting, then you will get all your answers in this upcoming webinar! We’ve identified 12 best practices that will help you and your team through the uncharted waters of rapidly developing custom training for your remote learners.

In this session, you will learn how to:

  • Prioritize, gather champions, and delegate
  • Communicate, motivate, focus
  • Build minimum viable learning assets
  • Utilize VILT and rapid development tools