Why Curriculum Mapping is the Cornerstone of Custom Remote Learning Success

When starting a project, L&D teams often begin with a pile of the content of everything ever taught or trained in. But starting with content stalls a remote-learning strategy before it ever gets off the ground. Curriculum mapping effectively organizes and prioritizes program goals, learning objectives, existing content, source materials, and potential assessment strategies.

More precisely, it produces a living, breathing document customized to the needs of a client, which may take the form of a spreadsheet, table, chart, or even mind map for brainstorming. That is, the end result isn’t prescribed deliverables but a focused organization of content topics and their objectives.


  • A proper definition of curriculum mapping

  • When to make use of such a tool

  • Tips for effective mapping design

  • What such a map looks like, by using a case study for a real client