Why Microlearning Is A Game Changer For Your Training Programs

Microlearning is a wonderful tool for delivering great bite-sized learning content when and where learners need it. More precisely, it is learning suitable for maximum retention and behavioral change. In this way, employees and students can rapidly and efficiently develop their skills and deepen their knowledge. Furthermore, the use of microlearning is effective in specialized training programs, national and international organizations, and educational initiatives.

This session will examine three case studies in which large and complex organizations made good use of microlearning. This approach helped them to change their people and their learning culture. The first case involved a national research non-profit. The second case is based on the work of one of the largest manufacturers in the world, as they delivered Just-In-Time modules for thousands of people around the globe. The third is the story of a retail giant and their use of microlearning to develop the skills needed for continuous improvement in the retail setting.

The webinar will be led by the people who actually did the work for these organizations and dozens of others who sought to put the power of microlearning to work for their company, non-profit, or university.


  • Ways that a national research organization uses microlearning content in its training

  • How a global manufacturing leader has made microlearning the core of its training program

  • The story of a retail giant that put microlearning into practice

  • Tips to make the most of microlearning as a game-changer for your training program