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Our Approach

We aim to understand your needs from a holistic perspective,
providing tailored solutions that are results-driven.

Our Approach

We serve clients across the globe and in a diverse range of industries including libraries, universities and schools, government agencies, small businesses, corporations, healthcare facilities, the arts community, and more. We do everything we can to make things easier for our partners so they can focus on what matters most to them.

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We Meet You where you’re at

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We’re An Extension of your team

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We Have our own In-House Creators

Our Process Is Supported By Learning Science.

Optimizing Learning for Business Success

We craft custom solutions to help our clients succeed. This process is finely honed, backed by science, and proven to work on all kinds of projects. Our methodology ensures we understand your needs from every angle and create a solution that better addresses them, at any stage in the process:

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Together, we’ll figure out what learning problem needs to be solved, who you need to train, and why. We help you identify critical topics, learning gaps, and reasons for those gaps. Then, we pinpoint the exact knowledge, skills, and beliefs that learners will need to succeed in your organization.

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 We know that learning solutions are most successful when they are based on a strong foundation and aligned to Strategic Priorities. In these consulting sessions, we produce a Curriculum Map and Gap Analysis Report so you can be sure our solutions align to your values, goals for the year, KPIs, and learning culture.

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We work with your experts to refine topics and objectives. By identifying prerequisites, reinforcing strategies, evaluating methods, and determining key learning and assessment strategies, we will build you a custom "blueprint" using our unique toolkit of solutions.

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Design & Development

Our team of experts will use the information gathered throughout the analysis and design phases to deliver a well-defined performance solution, tailored to your specific needs.

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We will not only provide you with delivery of your performance solution, but we also include a launch timeline, target audience strategies and identification, and a complete review of your launch objectives.

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Measurement is sometimes an afterthought, but it doesn't have to be. Thoughtful measurement throughout the performance solution development lifecycle ensures that you can measure its outcomes and develop the next performance solution based on insights.

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