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We work side-by-side with our clients to determine their strategy and roadmap for all kinds of learning initiatives.

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Successful learning experiences are dependent on exceptional creativity, the best in learning science, and innovative technology.

MindSpring combines these all into a comprehensive methodology for developing and delivering best-in-class learning experiences to engage learners while promoting a culture of learning.


If your team is new to learning initiatives or looking to seriously think through the strategy and activities, we can help. Our consultation services are designed to help you get clarity on what you’ll need before moving forward with a project.

Sessions we’ve worked with clients on include:



MindSpring’s consulting services are designed to help you successfully launch high-profile learning initiatives, and measure the true ROI of those experiences. With our expertise, we can offer valuable insight into how learning needs and outcomes might change over time, with consultative packages targeted to your needs.

Global Solutions
& Workshops

We’re here to help. Let our team of experts solve your L&D challenges by providing a strategic, customized solution. Whether your organization needs training design, educational workshops, staff augmentation, or leadership coaching–we have the experts who can help. With our focused offerings and strong track record of cost-effective, customized solutions, you can count on us as your partner for all your learning needs.  

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ROI/Metrics Workshop

How effective are your learning initiatives?

The ROI/Metric Workshop is a consulting engagement that enables and empowers learning leaders to measure the impact and return on investment (ROI) of learning initiatives.

MindSpring uses Kirkpatrick’s levels of evaluation model, with an additional level that involves gathering input from the client’s learning team on their evaluation of their work.

Learner Engagement Launch Package

We can take on the heavy lifting for you. With a Learner Engagement Launch package, you can focus on the development and delivery of your learning initiative, we’ll create the marketing collateral and make sure that your learners are excited about learning.

How To Measure L&D Impact And Prove ROI

How does a learning and development team make their return on investment both measurable and visible? This eBook introduces a system to track the right metrics using the right methodology to visually display and quantify the investment in learning and prove ROI.

We help your instructors deliver more engaging and interactive content.

Regardless of industry or content, our creative approach sets MindSpring ahead for all learning and development solution needs. Interested in working together?