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Expert Knowledge Transfer

Don’t let valuable company knowledge leave the organization. Transfer that knowledge from veteran employee to new-hire now—before it’s too late.

Expert Knowledge Transfer empowers front–line workers with augmented expert guidance so they can get the job done quickly, accurately, and safely—the first time and every time. The solution allows experienced employees to record their knowledge and skills, which can then be shared to quickly upskill new or existing employees, standardize processes, and reduce turnover.

Empower your experts to Train at Scale

Easily Transfer Knowledge

Empower front-line workers with augmented expert guidance
for quick, accurate, and safe task completion.

Intuitive & User Friendly

Easy to create, deploy and use. With guided voice commands, simple interactions, hands free option or personal device, and location-based guidance, learning to build and use these trainings is simple and easy.

Enhance Efficiency & Productivity

Provide easy access to standardized, first-person view instructions, improving workforce productivity while reducing waste, rework, and downtime.

Easy Editing & Publishing

Revise and enhance captured procedures for constant updates, build templates for seamless distribution to employees.

Spatial Location Awareness

Improve accuracy, safety, and efficiency by connecting each step of a procedure to specific locations and objects as required for task completion.

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Use Cases

Companies continually face challenges in integrating and training new employees, especially given the departure of seasoned workers, heightened compliance demands, and rapidly evolving technologies. However, with Expert Knowledge Transfer, you can document the expertise of your top-performing employees and make it accessible to your entire workforce when and where it’s needed. This solution fosters standardized training, boosts productivity, minimizes downtime, decreases turnover and enhances safety and compliance across the organization.

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