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Using Digital To Improve The Physical

PTC Partners

Using Digital To Improve The Physical

Vuforia Chalk

Remote AR Assistance

Vuforia® Chalk™ brings your technicians and experts together to solve problems faster & more effectively. Power your people with AR remote assistance.

Both expert and technician can accurately mark up live views to highlight details or guide multi-step solutions. Chalk Marks stick where drawn, reducing potentially costly mistakes.

With Vuforia® Chalk™, service experts can provide remote, AR assistance to frontline workers, engineers can collaborate on product design, or customer service reps can provide instant and effective service support to their customers on any and all tasks everyday, and from anywhere.

Vuforia Studio

Scalable AR Experience Creator

Vuforia® Studio™ delivers efficient creation of scalable AR experiences while leveraging existing CAD assets and IoT data, with little-to-no coding knowledge required. The capabilities of Vuforia® Studio™ realize AR opportunities across your enterprise, from engineering, to service optimization, to sales and marketing, and more.

Achieve industrial excellence by integrating IoT data from ThingWorx® to provide deeper situational understanding. Engage with customers with virtual product demonstrations that drive sales. Improve operational efficiency by rapidly delivering AR experiences to your workforce. With Vuforia® Studio™, your teams can develop using the most efficient AR authoring and publishing tool that creates scalable experiences across your entire enterprise.

Vuforia Engine

AR Builder Platform

As the world’s most widely deployed AR platform, Vuforia® Engine™ supplies advanced developers with best-in-class computer vision with ongoing innovation advanced developers can build experiences from the ground up, with SDKs for Unity, Windows, iOS, and Android applications. By combining the power of artificial intelligence (AI), experiences developed in Vuforia® Engine™ leverage enhanced recognition from difficult angles, lighting, and environments – giving users beneficial, accessible AR experiences.

Over half a million users worldwide rely on the optimized performance, cross-platform reach of Vuforia® Engine™ for AR development, from startups working on revolutionary applications to international companies delivering comprehensive experiences that bring excellence to their customers and workers. With Vuforia® Engine™, augmented reality gets smarter every day.

Vuforia Expert Capture

AR Knowledge-Transfer Solution

Over the next decade, the manufacturing and industrial sectors will experience a growing skills gap as seasoned employees retire, and the next generation needs the know-how to fill approximately 10 million jobs. AR quickly up-skills learners while reducing training costs by broadly engaging multiple learning and performance systems in the brain.

Expert Capture™ is the leading AR knowledge-transfer solution that trains workers on subject matter expertise and behavioral skills while reducing cognitive load and training costs.


IIoT Solution

ThingWorx® is the fastest way for industrial companies to unlock the value of Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity. ThingWorx® is purpose-built to empower enterprises with intelligent, interconnected, industry-leading products that connect disparate enterprise systems and promote the rapid development and deployment of IoT-enabled applications.

Stay competitive in an increasingly digital world with proactive access and analysis of your priceless operational data, and introduce greater business value with the information that you already own. Aggregate your industrial data, connect your workforce, and make the most of your investments with ThingWorx®.

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3D CAD Designer

Product design and manufacturing teams deserve the best platform to create products efficiently and cost effectively, without sacrificing innovation and quality. Creo® rises to the challenge by delivering the most scalable range of 3D CAD product development packages and tools for today’s market. Its variety of specific features, capabilities, and tools help engineers imagine, design, and create better products that work seamlessly across PTC’s product offerings.

Accelerate your product innovation by simplifying the process of designing complex products with the right tools, explore more concepts by reusing and innovating on designs that bring products to market faster, and replace disjointed assumptions with IoT data to drive better design decisions with smart, connected products. Creo® is the way design should always be.


PLM Software

As the industry-leading product lifecycle management (PLM) software, Windchill® is the internet-connected backbone behind the manufacturers at the cutting-edge of Industry 4.0. The open architecture of Windchill® enables the competitive advantages of digital twins, industrial IoT, and augmented reality that drive innovation and business value. Over 5,000 major industrial organizations utilize the power of Windchill® for their daily operations, including NASA, Samsung, Raytheon, and more.

Windchill® is the enterprise PLM software that users of all skill levels want. It’s modern and easy-to-use, has a minimal learning curved, based on user roles, and can be accessed anywhere. Windchill® simplifies intraorganizational communication by giving personnel a single source of truth, leading to informed decision-making that minimizes redundant and inefficient efforts – delivering greater business value.

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