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Inno-Versity Takes Home Two Medals at the Horizon Interactive Awards Competition

Inno-Versity, a leading learning agency specializing in custom eLearning development, has been recognized by again as a leading custom elearning content creator, this time by Horizon Interactive Awards. “We’re extremely pleased to be honored in this way by Horizon,” said James Zandstra, Chief Relationship Officer at Inno-Versity. “Working with companies that have large and complex learning challenges on a tight timeline has become our niche. To receive two awards in the same year for that type of work is very exciting for our entire team here in West Michigan.”

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Strategic Planning: Seeing the Larger Picture

Strategic Planning is key to the success of any learning program. Seeing the larger picture is essential for the development of successful eLearning experiences and it’s vital for understanding return on investment (ROI) (we like to call it return on learning or ROL).

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Cultivating a Culture of Learning

Fostering a culture of learning in your organization is critical. We believe you already have one. It’s something we address at the beginning of any strategic planning session with a client because everything builds on that culture. Here are three steps to fostering a culture of learning.

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4 Ways Tech is Challenging Corporate Learning

Thanks to the advances that have taken place in digital technology, our ability to learn is no longer limited to a classroom. The same pertains to corporate development. An organization is only as strong as those working for it, hence the evolution in corporate development.

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Tips To Help You Define Your Learning Objectives

How can you ensure you are reaching your learning goals? The best place to start is with the objectives themselves. Your eLearning program will develop your employees more effectively with properly designed objectives. Here are some top tips for writing learning objectives for your custom elearning.

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