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AR You Ready or Not? An 8-Point Readiness Assessment for Augmented Reality

Is your organization truly prepared to adopt Augmented Reality (AR)? The key to a successful AR implementation lies in the technology itself and a comprehensive understanding of your organization and your learners. In this webinar, we delve into the critical questions that will determine your organization’s readiness to embrace AR.

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How an Opportunity Analysis and Curriculum Mapping Services Can Jumpstart a Project: An Interview with Grant Tucker of Sonepar – Learning Well S2E2

Join us as we talk with Grant Tucker Learning and Development Manager at Sonepar and Blayne Gregory Director of Consulting at MindSpring. We’ll begin by discussing Grant’s journey in the L&D world and his view of the industry through the lens of his current position. Then we’ll focus on a project Blayne and Grant worked on employing the consulting services of opportunity analysis and curriculum mapping.

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