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Millennials, Goldfish and Other Training Misconceptions – Learning Well Ep. 17

Ahh, summer! slowing down, backyard BBQs and the beach. This is our second podcast episode where we discuss a book we highly recommend for a summer beach read. Millennials, Goldfish, and Other Training Misconceptions: Debunking Learning Myths and Superstitions is about 3 years old but the content is timeless and the format highly qualifies it as an easy book to read at the beach.

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Immersive Learning

AR/VR/MR: Building Incredible Learning Experiences In Extended Reality

Augment Reality (AR). Virtual Reality (VR). Mixed Reality (MR).

Is using these incredible technologies in learning possible now without breaking your budget? Which reality is the right choice for your learning team and your learners? Can your learning team build them now or will you need to outsource the work to someone else? Do you need expensive software coders to accomplish your goals?

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XR Needs Assessment Form

Need a web app, XR experience, or perhaps a technical solution you haven’t even imagined? Our technology roots run broad and deep, so we can address your most complex problems in the most innovative ways.

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The Learning ScoreCard: Α Completely New Approach to Measuring the ROI of Learning

One of the most daunting challenges for learning teams is reporting the impact of learning. Your organization spends significant resources building learning experiences. Your learners invest a lot of time in the learning experiences you’ve created. How do you know whether they are making a difference? Sure, you have Kirkpatrick’s model. You know about measuring learner reaction and tracking progress on knowledge checks. But can you tie that to changes in their behavior? Can you report your findings to those who oversee your budget in a dashboard they can understand?

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Improving Remote Learning by Applying Learning Science – Learning Well Ep. 13

In this episode we discuss how we can apply good principles of psychology, sociology and consumer science to the remote learning experiences we are now designing. Join us as we get a better understanding of these 3 sciences and discuss practical ways to improve our learning design for remote workers. Listen to the end as Jeff and Jerry have to make a high-stakes decision about a mid-afternoon snack as they apply consumer science principles. 

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