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Learning Experience Design? How Did We End Up Here And What Does That Term Even Mean? – Learning Well Ep. 3

Today we’re going to look at the term Learning Experience Designer. Where did that term even come from? What does it really mean? In order to figure this out, we’re first going to take a trip down memory lane discussing a short timeline of the L and D movement, discuss instructional design, and then unpack the term Learning Experience Designer. Make sure to stay to the end where we share our humorous holiday stories trying to explain to family what it is we do for a living.

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Laying the Foundation: 4 Key Topics that Impact the Learning Industry (Part 2) – Learning Well Ep. 2

Join us as we consider 3 more foundational topics to our industry. Today we’ll explore the “creative” in all of us, how technology impacts our industry, and the ever-increasing role of measurement, data, and analytics. Then we’re pleased to roll out the inaugural segment, “What are you Learning Now?” as we ask our hosts what new thing they’re learning now.

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Laying the Foundation: 4 Key Topics that Impact the Learning Industry (Part 1) – Learning Well Ep.1

This episode examines a topic that is key to our industry-the science of learning. Join us as we explore the different fields of learning science and attempt to explain them in a simple yet accurate way. Along the way, we’ll explore the controversy over the difference between cognitive and neuroscience and have a laugh as we imagine a brouhaha, melee, scrum, or fist-a-cuffs between these scholarly doctors.

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What is the Learning Well? – Learning Well Ep. 0

In this short introductory episode, Miriam Taylor, Lonna Jobson, and Jerry Zandstra introduce you to the Learning Well, a podcast of Inno-Versity, where we take learning seriously, just not ourselves! We invite you to join us as we explore the meaning behind our title and the format of the show.

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Great Minds Podcast #12 – Realizing Potential with Toni Freeland of Wolverine World Wide

Wolverine Worldwide is a global footwear and apparel wholesale and retail organization. It has 12 different brands and a footprint than spans the globe. 

Today, Dr. Zandstra sits down with Toni Freeland, the Director of Learning and Development at Wolverine, to discuss how she works to help others realize their potential, one person at a time, one interaction at a time and one day at a time.

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