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Great Minds Podcast #08 – Turning Human Resources on its Head with Heiko Fischer

Today, co-founder Dr. Jerry Zandstra sits down with Heiko Fischer, Founder and CEO of Resourceful Humans. Before starting Resourceful Humans, Heiko became the youngest head of Human Resources at Crytek, a European video game company. Though he resides in Berlin, Heiko was able to sit down with Dr. Zandstra and talk about how he works to turn Human Resources on its head. 

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Great Minds Podcast #07 – Virtuous Leadership with Alexandre Havard

Today, co-founder Dr. Jerry Zandstra sits down with Alexandre Havard, author of a number of books including “Virtuous Leadership” and founder of the Havard Virtuous Leadership Institute. Alexandre holds a law degree from René Descartes University and travels the world to promote classical virtues as the basis for effective leadership. Listen in as Alexandre talks about his experience as well as what he’s learned about the power of classical virtues and leadership in the workplace today.

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Great Minds Podcast #06 – Training Globally with Gretchen Stroud of Hilton Hotels

Today, Dr. Jerry Zandstra sits down with Gretchen Stroud, Vice President of Global Training at Hilton Hotels. Gretchen has worked all over the world, directing the training efforts of Hilton Hotels. She’s lead training efforts for multiple companies over the span of 15 years and is passionate about growing individuals. At Hilton, she trains thousands of employees in over 100 countries, in multiple languages, every day. Click below to hear her take on how to make training effective.

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Great Minds Podcast #05 – Gamification with Yu-kai Chou

Today, Dr. Zandstra sits down with Yu-kai Chou, gamification guru. Yu-kai was one of the very first people to study gamification, back in 2003, and has since written several books and spoken on the topic around the world. In 2015 he was rated #1 among the “Gamification Gurus Power 100” by RISE and has received the “Gamification Guru of the Year Award” two years in a row by the World Gamification Congress.

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Great Minds Podcast #04 – Leading Millennials with Kristen Hadeed

Today, Dr. Jerry Zandstra was able to sit down with Kristen Hadeed, founder of StudentMaid. In 2009, Kristen Hadeed was just another college student who couldn’t afford a pair of jeans. Needing cash, Kristen decided to start her own cleaning business called Student Maid. Eventually, her business grew to employ over 500 students. Today, Kristen spends her time running Student Maid and teaching people how to effectively lead millennials. 

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Great Minds Podcast #03 – Turn the Ship Around with Capt. David Marquet

Today, Dr. Jerry Zandstra was able to sit down with Capt. David Marquet, best-selling author and former nuclear submarine captain. Capt. Marquet wrote the book Turn the Ship Around, detailing his experience as the head of the USS Santa Fe. By working to empower his people, Capt. Marquet was able to turn the worst performing ship in the US fleet to the best. 

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Great Minds Podcast #01 – Everybody Matters with Bob Chapman

Dr. Jerry Zandstra was able to sit down with Bob Chapman, CEO of Barry Wehmiller, a 2 billion dollar privately held company headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. He as also authored the book Everybody Matters. Using what he calls “truly human leadership”, Bob is on a mission to change the way companies treat their people.

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