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Improving Remote Learning by Applying Learning Science – Learning Well Ep. 13

In this episode we discuss how we can apply good principles of psychology, sociology and consumer science to the remote learning experiences we are now designing. Join us as we get a better understanding of these 3 sciences and discuss practical ways to improve our learning design for remote workers. Listen to the end as Jeff and Jerry have to make a high-stakes decision about a mid-afternoon snack as they apply consumer science principles. 

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Level Up! – Learning Well Podcast Ep. 8

In this episode, we discuss the differences between gamification and game theory. Then we dig deep into game theory and how we can apply it to any kind of learning that we’re designing. Listen to the end as we wrap up with a fun game.

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Pandemic Proofing Your Course – Learning Well Ep. 7

In this episode, we talk with Dr. Darryl Meekins who has extensive experience creating online experiences in higher ed. both in the US and abroad. He brings a unique respect for education as a gateway to opportunity with a practitioner’s appreciation of the technicalities for creating high-quality online courses. Listen as we discuss the higher ed. landscape across the world and look at some practical ways to create engaging content that can be delivered in any modality.

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Blended Learning

Beyond Blended Learning: A Formula for Remote Learning Success – Learning Well Ep. 6

The Great Resignation, the Big Quit, remote work expectations, and the new hybrid workforce! These trends are rocking the American workplace landscape. As an L and D professional, are you struggling to provide effective learning experiences to a diverse workforce? Join us as we discuss these challenges and apply a simple formula to determine the best possible outcome.

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